Taylor County Autism Support Group
Taylor County Autism Support Group
Taylor County Autism Support Group
Date: 3rd Monday of Each Month
Time: 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Place: Taylor County Education Center - 624 College Street
Partnership between parents, community, and school staff members who are interested in helping educate, inform, provide resources, and raise awareness of the Autism Spectrum. 
  • Helping raise hope for everyone
  • Regularly scheduled meetings
  • Support for all those with and impacted by Autism
  • Parent chats
  • Family Fun Nights
  • Guest Speakers
  • Book studies
  • Topics of interest
  • Sharing of resources
  • Education
  • Safe place to express feelings
  • Collaboration with local agencies
  • Connection with state and national autism advocacy organizations
  • Google Group and Social Media outreach
  • Autism awareness month activities

Board of Directors include: President Joseph Greget, Vice-President Diane Messman, Secretary - Ann Goodrich, and Treasurer - Kris Brandner. 

For more information contact:
Joseph A. Greget
Medford Schools Director of Special Education and President of the Taylor County Autism Support Group
715-748-2316 ext 324
or follow us on our facebook page
  • Medford Area Public School District
  • 124 West State St, Medford, WI 54451
  • Phone: 715 748-4620  •  Fax: 715 748-6839
  • E-mail: info@medford.k12.wi.us