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Home Resources

The Medford Area Public School District offers a Home Resource Assistance Program for children and families.  Services include, but are not limited to: donations of clothing, food and school supplies; connecting families with public and private agencies that might assist with particular areas of needs; and parent education.  The school district uses professional judgment and discretion when determining if families are eligible for and need priority in receiving particular program offerings.

We work in collaboration with local organizations to ensure that families in need receive support.  A Directory of Services for Residents of Taylor County that highlights organizations which provide support in the area maybe picked up at the Medford Area Elementary School.

If you feel your children or family could benefit from our Home Resource Assistance Program or would like more information about our community services, please contact Barb Schultz, Home Resource Assistant at the Medford Area Elementary School or 715-748-2316 Ext. 328.  We will work together to help provide your children and family support.

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