Closure and Emergency Procedures
Closure and Emergency Procedures

Parents and Guardians need to be aware of and/or may wish to consider regarding bad weather.  Please turn your radio to WIGM (1490 AM)/WKEB (99.3 FM) for the latest school closing information.

Canceling School Due to Bad Weather 

Winter seems to bring its share of bad weather days when safety demands special precautions and sometimes results in school being canceled, delayed or dismissed early.  

Please DO NOT call the school BEFORE the decision to close school is made.  As soon as a decision is made, the radio stations are contacted and they in turn broadcast all closings as soon as they are received.  (The radio stations have also requested parents to please not call the radio station.)  Remember, the district has no control over the time or length of such announcements.  Once the decision is made and announced on the radio, please feel free to call your child's school.
Make arrangements now in respect to where your child(ren) should go if you are not at home when school is canceled, delayed or dismissed early.  Each elementary school takes in information regarding where students are to be dropped off if there is an early dismissal.  It is a parent/guardians's responsibility to update this information at the school annually or when changes occur.  Older children usually can be home by themselves if a key is available to get into your house.  Younger children, however, may need alternate shelters, such as the home of a trusted neighbor, relative or friend.  The decision, as well as the arrangements, are your to make as a parent/guardian.
If you believe schools should have been called off because of conditions in your area, you decide if you want to send your children to school.  The decision to have or not to have school is based on conditions in the district as a whole.  Your individual case may be unique and you are the best judge as to whether or not your child should attend school.
School may be delayed one or two hours so that we have more time to make a decision as to whether or not school should be canceled for the entire day.  On days of delayed starts, both the buses and school will start one or two hours later than usual.  On days of delayed starts, breakfast will not be served at the elementary schools; community learning centers will be canceled.
School closings and delayed starts will be announced as close to 6:15 a.m. as possible.
When school is canceled during the day, hot lunch will be served before students leave, if possible.  This is important should a bus become stranded on the way to drop off children.

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