Adult Diploma Academy
Adult Diploma Academy

The Medford Adult Diploma Academy(MADA) opened its doors in September of 2010.  The goal is to offer adults in our community the opportunity to go back to school in a helpful, nonthreatening environment.  Our first year, two adults completed the requirements and earned their high school diploma.  Since then, we have had 86 adults enroll at the Medford Adult Diploma Academy and 20 adults have earned a Medford High School Diploma.

MADA is open from 1:00 - 8:00, Monday through Thursday.  We are located in Room 112 of the Taylor County Education Center, 624 College Street. Students each have an individualized pathway to graduation; they set their own schedule and work at their own pace.  There is always at least one certified and licensed instructor working with students.  We also provide individual tutors through the Taylor County Literacy Council, if students need extra help.

MADA is a collaborative partnership between the Medford Area Public School District and Northcentral Technical College. Administrative leadership is provided by Director of Student Services Joseph Greget and Instructors include Cindy Gibson (primary coordinator) and adjunct faculty Beth van der Berg, Kellie Keene, Misty Galli, and Tasha Mallak. Primary phone number is 715-748-4620 ext. 552. 


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Medford Adult Diploma Academy Staff

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