Police School Liasion Officer (PSLO)
Police School Liasion Officer (PSLO)

The Medford Area Public School Districts works with the Medford Police Department to provide a Police School Liaison Officer (PSLO).   A PSLO is a law enforcement officer assigned to the schools.  The purpose of having a PSLO at school is to assist the school in maintaining a safe environment for students, staff and visitors.  The PSLO interacts positively with students to gain confidence and trust.  The PSLO actively supports the school's policy to discipline student behavior that threatens the health or safety of others.

Medford's PSLO is Officer Jason Lang and he has an office at our high school.  If you would like to talk to Officer Lang, please call him at 715-748-5951 Ext. 429.

If you have any questions regarding our PSLO program, please contact any one of our schools' principal or the district administrator.

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